We have produced this FAQ to help answer some of the frequently asked questions with regards to buying wrecker auto parts from Hollanderparts.com.au.

In addition, you can also find answers here to some common questions about buying recycled auto parts. If you have a question about buying car parts from hollanderparts.com.au that is not answered here then please contact us using the form below our team would be more than happy to help, however we can’t assist with part search enquiries. 

How do I find wreckers or wrecker parts near me?

Hollanderparts.com.au is built with a range of search options and filter criteria to help you find wrecker parts across our online store. Not only are they super cheap vs buying a new part but you can source parts that are locally available which in turns help support local wreckers across Australia and New Zealand.

To find a wrecker supplied  auto part near you simply do the following:

  1. Start a new auto part search
  2. Filter your results selecting vehicle details or otherwise.
  3. Drill down your auto part choices to a state level. Select one of the available states to see parts in your state.
  4. Select and view the details about the auto part listed.
  5. Add to basket, purchase or contact the supplier for further information.

There it is, just 5 simple steps to finding a wrecker part online near you with Hollanderparts.com.au the dedicated auto parts marketplace for used and recycled car parts. 

Hollanderparts.com.au will be undergoing future developments to enhance this functionality so you can continue to identify and support local auto part suppliers if you choose. Alternatively, you can opt to ship a part directly to you using our delivery options.



What are the Benefits of buying Recycled Auto Parts?

If you are considering buying a recycled car part from a wrecker in Australia or New Zealand then there are plenty of benefits to doing so.

  • Most recycled wrecker sold parts can save consumers up to 75% vs buying a new auto part.
  • A recycled part is genuine. It’s not made to manufacturer spec. It is the original manufacturer genuine par, cleaned checked and approved for use on the road. 
  • Trusted – Recycled parts are inspected and assessed before being made for sale so you can trust wrecker provided parts as you would a new part.
  • Save your car! With recycled parts offering a cheaper alternative to aftermarket or alternatives you can keep your car on the road cost effectively. 
  • Reduce your repair bills. if you source an auto part yourself using our site you can cut out expensive middlemen looking for a cut on the part sale. Simply order the part you need from one of our wreckers and take it to your local mechanical repairer to fit.
  • Will it fit? Nobody wants to buy a part and find out it doesn’t fit. With our site you can select the Make, Model, Part Type and Year of the vehicle you are requiring a replacement part for and filter further to the specific vehicle type. This helps ensure confidence in the parts compatibility with your vehicle. Don’t forget you can contact any of our auto part wreckers directly through the ask a question button located on any of our part pages. Our wreckers are based across Australia and would be happy to help you prior to your purchase. 
Who buys recycled car parts?

Recycled car parts or wrecker parts can be bought by anyone looking for a spare or replacement part for their vehicle. Used or recycled car parts are typically bought by consumers looking for a low-cost alternative to buying either OEM parts or buying directly from a repair center. With used parts, buyers can cut out inflated costs and get reliable car parts at a fraction of the cost. Hollanderparts.com.au is an ideal solution for consumers and repair body shops looking to source quality used parts for vehicle repairs, restorations or automotive hobbyists.

What parts fit my car?
Hollanderparts.com.au allows you to search for car parts based on vehicle make, model, year and part type. This helps narrow down a part to a specific need. In doing this you should be sure of finding a part that is compatible with the search criteria you have entered. If you are in doubt about the compatibility of a part with your vehicle we would ask you to speak to an expert or the supplier prior to purchasing to ensure you have a car component part that fits.
Does car insurance cover recycled auto parts?
Hollanderparts.com.au can’t stipulate if your insurance cover will support the use of used car parts on your vehicle. We would advise that you check the details of this with your insurance company and policy prior to purchase if in any doubt. We would also advise that upon purchase and fitment of any performance altering parts you also inform the insurance company accordingly. Legally, all recycled parts sold for use on road vehicles in Australia must comply with consumer law that specifies they must be fit for purpose. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission uphold and enforce consumer rights. In practice, this means a component must not be dangerous and must meet its functional expectations. The same standards apply to all components whether genuine recycled parts, OEM or aftermarket.
Where can I find parts for my car?
Using Hollanderparts.com.au you can search from our used car parts database which is the largest dedicated used parts marketplace in Australia stocking and listing over 4 million used auto parts for a range of vehicle makes and models. Using one of our search methods on site will help you identify the parts that fit your vehicle. Simply start a search from the homepage by entering a query such as “Engine parts Ford”, for further information check out our how to use this site page here for further guidance.
What does Aftermarket mean for car parts?
Aftermarket car parts simply refer to a vehicle part that has not been created by the original vehicle manufacturer. This can be any type of part for a vehicle that wasn’t produced by the original manufacturer including recycled and third-party car parts.

Recycled car parts are not aftermarket car parts. Recycled parts are genuine parts supplied from the factory build.

What does OE mean in car parts?
An OE part is an Original Equipment part. It is one that is installed on the car when it is first assembled in the factory. Technically, you cannot buy an OE part as new unless you are getting a new car. The benefit of recycled auto parts is that typically they are Originally equipped part types and not 3rd party compatible components.
What does OEM mean for car parts?
OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. If Original Equipment (OE) is a part that with the car when it was originally made, the OEM is the company that made that part. In most instances, many vehicle manufacturers don’t internally manufacturer every part for every car. Other manufacturers can take on the license to produce these instead on the manufacturer’s behalf or with their blessing. These outsourced parts can then be used in the production of a vehicle. It may then be referred to as OEM part for a manufacturer such as Holden or Ford. You may hear of Manufacturers that produce parts for original equipment installation are called OEM or OE Suppliers (OEMs for short). There are many OEM suppliers in the market. You should expect compatibility with regards to fit, reliability and quality of these parts to be the same as what you would get with a genuine part. Additionally, OEM parts can also normally be found cheaper than the genuine parts. Some of our parts on hollanderparts.com.au will have OEM number and part details recorded against them. This can also be used to help you find the correct part.
What parts on a car can be recycled?
Is it estimated around 75%-80% of a vehicle can be recycled for component parts that could lead to being resold or repurposed. This makes choosing to buy used auto parts an ethically green choice for consumers who are avoiding further material being scrapped to landfill and giving car parts a new lease of life.

It is also estimated that the demand for recycled auto parts will increase as insurers and consumers look at more cost-effective methods to save on part costs. Hollanderparts.com.au is proud to be leading the way for auto recyclers to list and sell ethical recycled auto parts directly to consumers and businesses alike.

Read our guide to buying recycled auto parts for more information.

What is your refund policy?
All our suppliers listing parts on hollanderparts.com.au have agreed to offer as a minimum a 14 day returns period. As your purchase is direct with the supplier when buying a recycled auto part we advise that anything outside of this is discussed with the supplier as their returns policy may dictate terms out with this.

If you wish to receive a refund for an auto part bought via hollanderparts.com.au we first advise you contact the yard directly to resolve any issues or disputes. The process of a refund being made will be undertaken under the supplier’s standard returns and refund policy which is not located or prescribed by Hollanderparts.com.au.

What warranty do I get on wrecker supplied parts?

As a minimum, all wrecker supplied auto parts purchased online from hollanderparts.com.au will be sold on the basis of a minimum 3 months warranty being offered. For some parts suppliers, they may offer extended warranty periods. For clarification on this, we advise you to contact the part supplier directly to find out about additional warranty periods available. The period of warranty offered is in compliance with Australian consumer law. More information can be found here

How does shipping work?
Hollanderparts.com.au listed products are listed excluding shipping pricing. In order to calculate a shipping cost use the shipping information tab provided and enter your location details for delivery. From here you can see shipping options for this product based on the criteria you stipulate including delivery timescales. Upon completing an order online the supplier will then ship to that criteria using their chosen courier. Any delivery progress, tracking or additional information is at the discretion of the supplier to provide.
Can I find auto parts by colour code?
Yes simply enter the colour code you need the part to be and our parts search engine will show you available results.

If your colour code was “KYO” simply enter this to show all available parts that match or detail that colour code. You can also add in “Door KYO” to see only doors that have a matching colour code for example.

Every auto part listed for sale on Hollanderparts.com.au has additional details to help you understand the part suitability to your need. Once you have selected a part, click the “Show more part details” button to reveal additional information including part colour code.

If you cannot see this information available on the part you are viewing then click the “ask a question” button to request this information from the wrecker supplying the part.


Why is there a processing time for car parts?
The nature of recycled car parts means that not all parts may be immediately available for dispatch. It is common that parts may still be attached to a vehicle at the point of sale. The processing time is there to allow for suppliers to get the part ready for dispatch. Our suppliers have been asked to process a part within 48 hours for delivery. if this conflicts with any selected delivery method the supplier should contact you to advise on an updated timescale. If you wish to obtain an estimated part processing time prior to purchase we advise you contact the supplier directly via the links on the product detail page provided.
How many parts can I buy at once?
At launch, Hollanderparts.com.au will be limited to selling one part per supplier per transaction. This is an initial limitation and in future, we will be developing the ability for you to purchase vehicle parts online from multiple suppliers in one transaction.
I want to buy more than one recycled part from a supplier how do I do this?

Hollanderparts.com.au will let you do this however you will need to do this as separate transactions at this point. This is to avoid any miscalculations in your shipping and avoid you being overcharged for the service. We would recommend in these instances you contact the wrecker supplying the part directly to avoid any issues with your orders. Our suppliers can also help you source additional parts from the same vehicle if required. 

Can I save a product for later?

Due to the nature of buying a used wrecker part, there is only ever one instance of that part available. When you add that part to cart it is saved for you to fulfil a purchase with however if this is not completed it will be returned for sale. Only with Click and Collect will a part be reserved for you without an online payment being required. This will not save the part for this purpose but only to allow you the flexibility of seeing the part in person before making payment.





Can I view my previous orders?
Absolutely simply log into your account. You would have created this during the order process when you previously purchased an auto part from Hollanderparts.com.au. From here click on orders. You will now see a list of any previous orders you have made online with Hollanderparts.com.au.
Why do I see vehicle images instead of parts?
Typically vehicle wreckers and recyclers will use imagery that shows the whole vehicle the part is from rather than the part itself. We encourage our suppliers to showcase individual part imagery over vehicle imagery, however, we would advise you to contact the supplier directly if you wish to request any additional imagery prior to purchasing.  It is also worth noting that some parts at the time of sale may still be attached to the vehicle this is normal practice and as a result, it may not always be possible to supply an image of just the part in question. The supplier can advise on this accordingly.
Can I track my order?

When an order is placed on Hollanderparts.com.au your order will be sent to the supplier for processing. if the supplier chooses to dispatch your part using a service that offers delivery tracking it is up to them to supply this. For more information on delivery please check out our delivery information page.

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