About Our Suppliers

Who are the suppliers for Hollanderparts.com.au?

Hollanderparts.com.au vehicle part stock is populated from recognised and validated suppliers. Our suppliers are clients of Hollander International Systems using the Pinnacle Professional stock inventory management system for stocking and selling used car parts both online and offline.

As a customer of Hollander International, we give our customers the ability to stock and sell directly to consumers online. Our market leading solution for car dismantlers and vehicle recyclers allows a seamless method for suppliers of auto part products to reach new markets and access a growing online marketplace.

Our suppliers already in most cases sell online using Hollander Internationals Pinnacle Professional software and Hollanderparts.com.au is another method for our clients to do that. As a customer of Hollanderparts.com.au you would be purchasing parts direct from one of our clients who has chosen to list a related auto part.


How can I get in touch with one of your suppliers?

Hollanderparts.com.au makes it simple for customers to interact with our suppliers when searching and selecting car parts for purchase. Simply navigate to the supplier information tab on any product detail page and click to either reveal a telephone number or send an email to that parts supplier.

Outwith this we don’t offer a listing of our suppliers. This is to protect our clients from unnecessary marketing or communications. If you have purchased a part and wish to speak with our suppliers regarding this then information on how to contact the supplier directly should have been included in your order confirmation emails. Alternatively, you can use the Hollanderparts.com.au contact us form located here and raise a request.


How can I become a supplier to Hollanderparts.com.au?

If you are a vehicle recycler or dismantler and would like to list your parts on hollanderparts.com.au for sale then we would like to hear from you. Please contact us via the form below to learn more.

As a pre-requisite, all our suppliers have to be Pinnacle Professional customers as our software solution powers the listing and order management process for Hollanderparts.com.au and also for our customers selling to other online marketplaces such as eBay. Hollander International Systems, however, will only allow suppliers onto Hollanderparts.com.au that meet our required operating standards. Any yard looking to become a supplier must be fully accredited and complying with vehicle recycling regulatory standards.  Learn more about our Pinnacle Software solution at Hollanderau.com.

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