A guide to buying recycled auto parts


Save at least 50% off the new OE Price


Make a positive difference to the environment by re-using and supporting auto recycling


        Quality OE parts purchased at the same time when you choose recycled parts

Repair costs are increasing!

Every day we read articles about the rising cost of repairs, the rising cost of insurance premiums and the impact of this increased cost on the consumer.   Yet, one of the most accessible products available is at our fingertips. Parts harvested off total loss vehicles in perfectly good condition awaiting a second life – recycled auto parts.

Historically recycled parts have offered a genuine alternative to the new OE part at a fraction of the cost.  Hollander International clients, auto recyclers using the Pinnacle Pro Yard Management System to inventory, catalogue and sell quality recycled parts have for over 15 years now in Australia, been selling these quality genuine components to collision repairers, professional mechanics and motor enthusiasts with great success.

Consumer Benefits of buying used auto parts

From a consumer perspective, this is not only a wise commercial decision, as they save an average 50% off the new OE price, but from an environmental perspective, it is the best form of recycling there is.  It is, for want of a better term, re-use rather than recycle, which means that there is practically no resource spent re-engineering the product to ready it for use in someone else’s vehicle.

All these components harvested off donor vehicles are also GENUINE.  Every one of them was produced by the manufacturer themselves, so there is no risk associated with the part not meeting OE requirements.

Mechanic Benefits from recycled car parts

All too often, some mechanics are burdened with the challenges of repairing customer’s cars with expensive OE parts or even overpriced rebuilt components.  This often leads to vehicles not being repaired or being taken elsewhere for repair.

Today, auto recyclers are offering industry leading warranty options.  There are many suppliers on Hollanderparts.com.au that offer up to a lifetime warranty on some components.  With such an array of low kilometer, high quality and cost-effective products on offer, from engines, gearboxes, to electronics and interior components, it is not surprising that professional auto recyclers are increasing their sales to forward-thinking professional motor mechanics.

We are now experiencing mechanics preferring to use low kilometer, quality-controlled engines.  These components are often left complete with wiring intact, making the fitment of a now very complex unit so much easier and quicker.  Furthermore, they are receiving the benefit of immediate delivery of components that are often on back order or not even in the country, letting them process more jobs efficiently and cost-effectively while increasing their margin on parts.

  1.    Quality mechanical components with often better than new warranty options
  2.    Complete packages making it easier to ‘plug and play’
  3.    Immediate delivery when new parts are often not available in Australia, while rebuilt options not being ready for delivery, requiring the exchange item first for parts to do the rebuild.



Collision Repairer and Insurer Benefits

With the increased speed of technological changes, it is becoming more and more difficult for repairers to repair vehicles economically. This is impacting their businesses and their work providers, insurers.

There are so many reasons why the collision repair industry is looking for a better alternative to the new dealer part and the over 3,000,000 auto parts to choose from on Hollanderparts.com.au this is a perfect pool from which to start.


Other factors that have traditionally created barriers to the increased use of recycled parts are now being addressed.  These include;

  1.    Reduced repairer margin when using recycled parts from verified wreckers.
  2.    Most if not all Australian insurers offer at least the same margin as that available on new dealer parts and often more if the repairer chooses a recycled part.
  3.    Quality controls not meeting the repairer expectations
  4.    Auto recyclers are now grading all parts with a view of the part exceeding repairer expectations.
  5.    Service and delivery not being as good as the OE dealer offering. Today, and with the growing globalization of the Australian fleet, most parts are imported resulting in long lead times and often out of stock parts from the dealer
  6. Recycled parts are usually available immediately
  7.   Recyclers are sharing their inventory so if one does not have it, it is usually available from someone in their network. Our parts request feature helps you do this when a part cannot be found via our step by step search process.


Being able to deliver a quality product, in a timely fashion at the right price hits all the needs of the collision repair and insurance industries.  Auto recyclers can meet the requirements of customers to help reduce the cost of repairs, while also assisting in the reduction in repair cycle time.

What should you look for when buying a used car part?

Ultimately this is down to the detail of the part you require, as standard consumers and repairers should check that the part is compatible with their vehicle. Our Part variant and description options detailed by a part help you identify this. Also, a user, using our part search options can follow a step by step process that helps identify parts solely based on vehicle make and model.

Always check the imagery of a part when searching. Does it have dents or does it match the colour of the vehicle you require it for? Sometimes not all parts will have this specifically listed. Are there any additional comments that would impact your purchase.

If there are details you want to be clarified holladnerparts.com.au would advise that you query any information or part specifics with a supplier prior to purchase.

If you have a part number try and locate this against the part information as this will help identify the compatibility of the part. You can also widen your chose by looking for compatible car parts that will also fit your model of vehicle.

How to Find Auto Parts Near Me

So you have decided that you want to choose a recycled auto part for your next repair. However, you are not sure where to start looking and you want to support one of your local wreckers by purchasing the part from them. With recycled parts, it is normal for buyers to visit a yard or request a viewing of the part prior to purchase. That is why Hollanderparts.com.au allows you to filter your part search by Location.

So now you can search for auto parts near you from local wreckers, identify a part that is nearby and contact the seller to get more info or better still opt for click and collect where you can view the part prior to making a payment. To help you get started we have created a few local state level searches to help you get started.

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