Payment Methods

About our supported payment methods


When purchasing from you will be directed to the payment method supplied by the auto part supplier. In most cases, this will be a PayPal checkout service you will be directed through.  It is up to each of our suppliers to supply a supported, secure and reliable payment method. When moving through the checkout process you will be provided with payment methods available from that specific auto parts supplier.

As above we expect in all cases this will be a PayPal checkout journey which is fully secure and in compliance with e-commerce security practices. If a supplier offers a pickup option and no delivery is required a customer can select cash on delivery during the payment process to indicate this to the supplier.

At no stage during the checkout process are you making a payment to Hollander Parts for a product or service found on our site. is putting you the buyer in direct contact with an auto part supplier to fulfill the order and ensure it matches your requirements as much as possible prior to purchase. 

Each supplier will be complying to our returns and warranty criteria so if a part fails to meet your expectations or needs, it can be returned as per the refund and returns policy detailed here. To do so you should contact the supplier from which the purchase was made in the first instance as a return may not be necessary for all scenarios. For instances where a purchase is not made online and a local pickup is selected. The customer will need to pay for the part using payment methods described by that supplier on premises and are not liable or responsible for any transaction made via this method.


Do I need a PayPal Account to purchase from

No PayPal account is required in order to order parts from If you have a PayPal account and wish to purchase via this you can do. Alternatively, you can purchase as a guest login both on our site and via PayPal. More information from PayPal can be found here.


Can I pay with credit or debit cards to purchase from

Yes as our suppliers support PayPal checkouts this will enable you to choose the payment method that suits you. As PayPal supports all major debit and credit cards you can purchase your auto part using the payment details you wish to. For further information on what payment cards are accepted by PayPal please refer to Paypal directly.