ppConsidering buying a wrecker car part? Never purchased a wrecker part previously? We share 6 reasons why your car part purchase in 2019 should be from a car wrecker.


1. Quality car parts at source

Wreckers source vehicles typically from auction sites or events that are supported by Insurance providers and companies to provide the general public access to quality late-model car parts otherwise known as ELV’s. The benefit to you as the end consumer is that you are sourcing wrecker parts from a vehicle that was typically well looked after as the owner actively protected their investment through covering the vehicle with insurance. Despite this the vehicle owner may have had to make a claim due to incurred damages, this can lead to a vehicle being deemed a total loss by the insurance company. It is in these circumstances that the insurance company may acquire the car and look to sell to a verified vehicle dismantler. The auto dismantler then takes the non damaged parts from the vehicle and makes them available for sale. This is how you can access quality genuine car parts in an affordable manner.


2. A greener choice.

The environmental benefit from buying your car part from an auto wrecker are clear, recycled parts sold by a car wrecker are parts that have already been produced, and in purchasing from the second hand market you are ensuring there is no further carbon cost associated to replacing the part, effectively reducing the environmental impact across energy and resources by half compared to buying an aftermarket or new part to replace one already in circulation.

By choosing a secondhand car part from an authorised car wrecker you are also helping keep your vehicle on the road reducing the demand for additional vehicles to be produced and expanding the life of your current car.

Did you know that it is estimated that recycled car parts save around 80 Billion Barrels of oil each year in manufacturing and transportation processes worldwide.


3. Greater savings vs buying new parts

With a secondhand part you can save up to 75% on car part costs, in some cases even as much as 90% can be saved vs sourcing and purchasing a brand-new OEM part from a vehicle manufacturer. Buying a car part from a car wrecker is also making a choice not only to save but to buy genuine parts, recycled parts are what your car was built with, aftermarket on the other hand are parts that are designed to fit your vehicle. By choosing to by a car part from a wrecker you are choosing quality genuine parts without the large price tag.

If you bought a new car today it is classed as used from the point you drive it away, your parts are also used, so why not replace like for like and save on your next part purchase. If you are willing to buy your car second hand, think about your car part purchase in the same way.


4. Recycled car parts are easy to buy

With Hollanderparts.com.au we make buying parts from a car wrecker easy, simply search online for the part you require based on a vehicle manufacturer or model, part type. With the options to contact where required a wrecker directly to discuss prior to purchase. It is much easier to ensure you are sourcing the correct part with the help of online services such as Hollanderparts.com.au.

By contacting a wrecker directly via phone or email a qualified and experienced sales person can help answer any questions you may have from part condition to part compatibility to ensure you are ordering a part that is suitable to your needs.
Sourcing a part from a car wrecker should not be seen as something for auto enthusiastic but a viable place to shop for any consumer or business needing a replacement auto part.


5. Confidence in your purchase

When purchasing a car part from a wrecker you should be offered a parts warranty either based on time, or mileage or a combination of both. When looking to purchase a wrecker part ask the supplier what warranty options are available on their car parts. All wrecker parts available on Hollanderparts.com.au are sold with a minimum 3 month parts warranty on all car parts, however individual suppliers offer warranties and guarantees beyond this.

Such confident warranties are offered on second hand car parts due to the extensive strict inspections and quality standards auto dismantlers take before putting a part up for sale. A lack of warranty is a sign of not only a poor quality car part but a lack of trust from the seller in the part.

Ask the car part salesperson what the warranty options are on the part you are buying prior to a purchase if it is not made clear.


6. Wrecker Car parts are safe

As detailed above auto dismantlers go through rigorous inspection and quality standards to ensure a part is safe for the road before a sale takes place. In addition to this many car parts are checked for manufacturer recalls prior to being put on sale.

Secondhand car parts are also valid with your existing insurance so you can be confident that by choosing a wrecker car part you are not invalidating your current car insurance coverage. For the avoidance of any doubt, you should double-check the terms of your insurance provider to confirm.



So that concludes our 6 key reasons why you should consider a wrecker car part for your next car part purchase. if you are interested in sourcing a part for your vehicle start a wrecker car part search today.